Borodinsky open-pit mine improves the dust suppression system

27 June 2019

Borodinsky open pit mine, the largest open pit mine of Siberian Coal Energy Company and the largest in Russia, continues to introduce green technology and commissions new advanced dust suppression systems.

Two units, one stationary and one mobile, perform a range of tasks: in dry weather, they reduce dust in places of active circulation of heavyweight mining machines, thereby improving the working conditions of people who work in the open air and preventing coal dust from dispersing beyond the mining territory.

Smart systems transform water into dense fog, which envelops the smallest dust particles within a radius of 50 metres, instead allowing the dust cloud to increase in volume. The equipment is adapted to the temperature conditions of Siberia; however, its use might not be necessary in winter, according to company employees. Both units are fully automated; operators set the necessary parameters on the control panel: activation frequency, humidity conditions, fog supply direction and operation start adjustments for weather conditions.

The stationary system is installed near one of the busiest exits to the mining site. The equipment sprays a heavy traffic road section and moistens the air around the railway crossing, making track maintenance and repair for track servicemen easier. The second unit, the mobile one, was operated in June on the installation site, where additional mining machines were prepared for commissioning to support high coal production figures at the Borodinsky open pit mine.

Now the mobile dust suppression system has been relocated to the combined East section, where the railway station is located and heavy-duty dump trucks transport the rock mass.

Within SUEK, such systems have proven themselves in Zabaikalye and the Murmansk region.

Concern for the environment is an integral part of SUEK's production strategy. All the company's divisions in the Krasnoyarsk region have their own environmental laboratories that carefully monitor the air in the buffer zone. Considerable attention is paid to the condition of water bodies: Krasnoyarsk companies are now in the process of large-scale upgrades to water disposal and water treatment systems based on the best available techniques.

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