Apsatsky open pit improves product quality

8 September 2016
SUEK has formulated a development plan for the Apsatsky open pit until 2025. Over the next 9 years, production capacity is expected to reach 3 million tonnes of coal annually. To achieve such coal mining and processing capacity, open pit specialists have divided the development plan into stages. Project documentation for the first stage of construction of the Apsatsky washing plant is now complete. The plant will have an initial capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per year.

"Efforts to improve product quality are crucial. Raw coal prices have decreased. In light of this situation, SUEK management has given the task to only ship washed coal in the near term. Thus the construction of washing plants today is one of the strategic paths chosen for the development of coal facilities", said Dmitry Doolin, Chief Engineer. In addition, the company continues with the construction of capital facilities designed to extend operations, such as settling ponds to clear quarry water, as well as haul roads.

The contractor for the project, ‘Sibgeoproekt’ from the city of Kemerovo, developed documentation for the construction of a new camp designed for 500 employees. Construction will begin in 2018. The current workers’ camp can accommodate about 300 people.

The Apsatsky open pit is the most recent SUEK operation in the Zabaikalye region. Located in the Kalarsky District, its construction began in 2011 and develops the Apsatskoe deposit, the second largest coking coal deposit in Russia. Its reserves amount to 2.2 billion tonnes of coal of all known grades demanded by the chemical and metallurgical industries, not only in Russia, but also in China, South Korea, and Japan. The development of the deposit is an investment project of regional significance.

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