Federal authorities are positive towards SGC's project on the use of ash and slag materials

16 May 2019
Siberian Generating Company was the first company in Russia to develop the technology for the production of ash and slag materials and to carry out laboratory tests and examinations for the content of heavy metals and oil products in the produced materials, including checking their compliance with radiation safety standards and microbiological and agrochemical indicators.

As a result, SGC thermal plants were the first to receive positive opinions from state environmental experts confirming their safety regarding documents and specifications for the production of ash and slag materials.

According to GOST 25100-2011 'Soils. Classification', ash and slag materials are defined as technogenic dispersed soil. Currently, they are used to rehabilitate disturbed lands.

'The issue of dealing with ash and slag waste is very important. It is relevant not only for SGC, but also for any plant that burns coal. There are many such plants in Russia, and your pioneering land rehabilitation project is great. You change the status of such waste to materials, which makes a difference and allows them to be used for other things. Waste converted into materials has a very wide application range, from construction of buildings and roads to land rehabilitation. We could do this together, because it is relevant for the whole country. If you need our help, we are ready to get involved.'
Nikolay Kartashov,
Project Manager for Clean Air Federal Project Monitoring

Projects involving ash and slug materials will reduce the cost of work in the power and construction industries and with budget expenditures, will solve the problem of ash and slag accumulation near cities and towns and will improve the environmental situation.

To date, Siberian Generating Company has delivered two projects dedicated to ash and slag materials: in Novokuznetsk and in Krasnoyarsk. In our city, ash and slag materials are used to rehabilitate disturbed lands in the Berezovsky district.

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