Biyskaya CHPP to produce construction materials from ash and slag

19 April 2019

Solid fuel combustion products can do good, and environmental measures can be cost-effective. This is what technicians working at the Biyskaya CHPP in Altai firmly believe. Now they have to prove their case by implementing a project for the production of ash- and slag-based construction materials.


The project consists of the production of construction materials from coal combustion products, which used to be stored in the ash disposal area of the Biyskaya CHPP. The resulting products can later be used for land rehabilitation and landscaping, for open-pit backfilling, as additives in building mixtures and as substrate for road construction.

 Is it harmful?

 In the process of coal combustion in the boilers of the Biyskaya CHPP, a mixture of ash and slag is generated. Under the Russian environmental legislature, this product is classified as ‘virtually non-hazardous’ and assigned the lowest hazard class, class V.

 For comparison: municipal solid waste, including domestic waste, is assigned hazard class IV.

Ash and slag construction materials that will be produced at the Biyskaya CHPP are not toxic and do not have chemical, biological or radiological impacts on the environment. Most importantly, when discharged into the water, they cause no damage.

Ash and slag materials in Biysk: cheap and close

 For the Biyskaya CHPP, this project is able to solve a number of problems related to the storage of industrial waste. The production of ash and slag materials will significantly lessen the burden on the ash disposal area. In addition, the company will not have to allocate new areas for ash and slag placement. For Biysk companies, the production of local ash and slag construction materials has an obvious benefit, since this significantly reduces the transportation costs for companies buying such products.

Andrey Schukin, Director of Biyskaya CHPP, commented,

“Until the end of 2019, our task is to undergo expert review and certification for compliance with environmental, sanitary, hygienic and industry standards for the production of ash and slag construction materials. Together with Biysk city administration, we are currently preparing a set of documents for public consultation regarding the conformity of the project to environmental regulations. We plan to supply about 300 thousand tonnes of finished products per year to Biysk enterprises.”


Ash and slag materials consist of 95% ash and 5% coal slag. In many countries, the use of ash and slag materials in construction and other areas is mandatory. For example, China has banned the use of natural minerals in road construction, subject to the availability of industrial by-products. It should be noted that similar projects have already been delivered at other SGC facilities in the Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions. Since 2017, ash and slag construction materials have been produced by another Altai facility, Barnaulskaya CHPP-2.

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