9 September 2019

Profitable investment: new facilities of the UnikUm centre opened in Kemerovo

Andrey Melnichenko, Chairman of the Strategy Committee of SUEK’s Board of Directors, and Sergey Tsivilev, Governor of Kuzbass [Kemerovo region, Russia], attended the opening ceremony of new laboratories and workshops at the UnikUm Centre for Children's Scientific, Engineering and Technical Creativity, established with the support of the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation, SUEK and SGC.

Pupils from year five to eleven now have more opportunities to study natural sciences.

The Children's Scientific Creativity Centre UnikUm at the Kuzbass State Technical University has opened new classrooms. These are laboratories and workshops dedicated to intelligent electrical engineering, robotics and distance learning, along with a kids’ club and recreation areas for schoolchildren and teachers.

All classrooms have been provided with state-of-the-art equipment and are ready to welcome the first students. These will be pupils from year five to eleven who show an interest in the natural sciences. Everything is made on a big scale, because, as they said at the opening ceremony, the best investment is investment in human capital.

‘Children engaged in creativity develop their abilities and talents and improve them. In the future, such basic experiments may transform into something with a more serious application,’ Andrey Melnichenko, Chairman of SUEK’s Strategy Committee, explained.

Sergey Tsivilev, Governor of the Kemerovo region, noted that the opening of new facilities would contribute to the development of new professionals in various fields.

‘We are ready to invest in you and do everything for you to develop. We prepare and build infrastructure for your future. Later you will manage this infrastructure on you own. I am talking about the most up-to-date facilities. However, their efficient management requires new people, new personnel and new professionals. In line with all global trends. So, I am very happy that we have the UnikUm centre,’ he said at the ceremony.

The Governor also thanked the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation, the major investor in the UnikUm. Over the past three years, it has invested around one hundred million roubles (more than $1,5 million) in educational projects in the region. With SUEK’s support, four similar children's scientific creativity centres were opened in the Kemerovo region. They cooperate with each other and will soon become part of the ambitious scientific and educational programme called ‘Kuzbass’.
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