Our Business Model

We deliver long-term value to shareholders at every stage of our value chain — from coal deposit development, mining and processing to transportation and marketing, as well as power generation. Our integrated business model allows us to benefit from economies of scale and maintain our status as Russia’s leading coal producer.


Our strong reserve base ensures quality coal production for over 30 years. We research new mining and processing technologies as well as new products to deliver maximum value from our operations.


Our mining activities deliver a sustainable supply of high-quality thermal coal. Our efficient operations enable us to maintain a leading position in the industry and pursue ambitious growth targets. To achieve these, we invest heavily in modern equipment and continually upgrade our production units.

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Washing and processing

Coal washing reduces ash and moisture, improving our coal’s calorific value and decreasing its environmental footprint. We have responded to increasing global demand for higher-quality coal by building new washing and processing facilities and by improving the operating efficiency of existing plants.

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The favourable locations of our coal assets, allowing easy access to key transport infrastructure and port facilities, enables us to cost-effectively supply the major markets of Russia, Atlantic and Asia-Pacific. Our higher-capacity railcars deliver coal to our customers in Russia, as well our own ports in the West and East of Russia, where we can make timely and lower-cost shipments to our international customers.

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Our extensive sales and distribution network with offices in 12 key markets ensures reliable coal supplies to customers in 42 countries.

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Power generation and sales

Our upgraded energy capacities, powered by our own coal, enable us to take the leading position in the power market of Siberia. We supply electricity and heat to industries, social facilities and residents in 6 regions of Russia, bringing light and warmth to the homes of 5 million people.

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SUEK's sustainability factors

Product development

Our R&D team looks at ways to increase the quality of our coal while also developing coal products for use in a wide range of industries.

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Efficiency increase

Investment in modern mining equipment and operational improvements deliver increased productivity and cost efficiency.

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Corporate governance

We are committed to high standards of corporate governance in line with international good practice.

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Health, safety and environmental protection

Our priority is to minimise safety and environmental risks at each stage of the operational cycle.

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Personnel development

By investing in our people we not only increase the skill levels and job satisfaction of SUEK employees but also improve the Group’s operational efficiency.

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Risk management

Proactive management of internal and external risks at every stage of our business cycle helps us meet strategic targets and secure long-term growth.

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